Never Been Kiss-ed Like This

I've been kissed.  Or so I thought.  Until you came along.  And I realized I've never been kissed like this before...

Kissed first thing in the morning, before the first blink.
Kissed mid-sentence, mid-smile, mid-bite.
Kissed on the cheek for good luck, on the hand for good evening, on the forehead for sweet dreams, on the neck for sweet nothings.
Kissed in the car, before I leave for the day.  And kissed in the car, after I've returned.
Kissed when I'm wrong, and when you're right.
Kissed slowly, kissed madly, kissed deeply.
Kissed because you missed me.  And kissed because I've been here all day.
Kissed until I erupt into fits of laughter.
Kissed for a million reasons, and no reason at all.
Kissed in my language, and bisou-ed in yours.
Kissed because there are too may words.  And kissed because there aren't any left. 
Kissed on a street corner as rain rolls off our umbrella onto the pavement.
Kissed under the covers so that no one can discover us.
Kissed everywhere, kissed anywhere, kissed there.
Kissed while we let our hands explore each other.
Kissed last thing in the evening, after my eyes have shut for the night.
Kissed like this, like that, and oh, kissed like this.

A kiss by any other name would never taste as sweet.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how absolutely wonderful!!!! I'm sending this to my significant other! ;-)
    Kissing is the best activity in the world!!!
    Thank you!