What are you looking forward to?

This NYTimes article reported that the anticipation leading up to a vacation can boost happiness levels more than the actual vacation itself.

We psych ourselves up imagining our toes digging in the sand, the cool taste of a cocktail in the afternoon sun, the lazy nap under thin sheets after a post-beach shower.  It is the anticipation, the vision of leaving our desk jobs behind, that makes taking a vacation that much sweeter.

I'm a firm believer that there should always be something to look forward to--even if it is something as small as splitting a beer at the end of your Wednesday.  The anticipation gives me a happiness boost and makes the event even more enjoyable when I experience it.

There are drawbacks of looking too far forward, I know.  The boyfriend will tell you I think more about being 40 than I do about being 27.

It's a delicate balance, keeping your eyes open to the joys of the present while still being able to focus on the next fun event on the horizon.

For now, I'm looking forward to a quick weekend trip to Cape Cod for (you guessed it!) more lobster.

Is anticipation the happiness drug for the human mind? What's your vorfreude?

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