Sav-ed for a rainy day.

Any one else crave a rainy day every once in a while?

When I lived in Miami, it seemed like it was sunny nearly every day. Even when it rained, it usually blew through quickly, an afternoon tropical storm would pass through, dumping buckets over South Florida in an hour or so and then the sun would return. In the summers, it was almost like clock-work. Every afternoon at approximately 4pm, the skies would darken, the storm would brew, and by the end of my 5pm class, the air felt a bit cooler and the sidewalks would be damp.

As glorious as this weather sounds, I actually got tired of the sun--and not for the normal reasons you would expect. The heat, sunburns, and high electric bills (though all annoying) were not what were disenchanting. Every so often, we wake up and want to stay in bed, spend a day on the couch, nurse a cold or a bad day by never leaving our apartment. When it is gloriously sunny, warm, and the beach is a 15 minute walk away, you rarely ever feel it's possible to just stay inside.

As much as we can sometimes gripe about the weather in NY--the brutally hot summers and the winters that are equally as extreme--I love the weather for the rainy days.

Somehow I have caught a cold in between the back-to-back heat waves we've experienced here this summer. All I wanted this morning was a gloomy day--and good old NY delivered. Sitting at my desk, looking out at the heavy gray sky, I know this is just what the doctor ordered. I can feel free to stay indoors all day and start the movie marathon.

Sometimes, we just need a rainy day to feel better.

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