Today, I have a terrible case of wanderlust.  Paris-lust, to be exact. 

Let's all take a little daydream to the sun-soaked streets of Paris.  We'll pass by a boulangerie and be pulled in by the delicious warm, doughy smell wafting out the door.

We'll park ourselves for a leisurely bowl of cafe au lait and a pain au chocolat, stuffing a few extra treats in our pockets before leaving a little tip for the handsome garcon.

Petit déjeuner | Blueberry Submarine

We'll window shop in the Marais and find the perfect pair of summer sandals (on sale!)

my Lubitel 166B on the Behance Network
We'll sip une limonade in the Luxembourg gardens.  We'll stroll across the lovers bridge, la Passerelle des Arts and finally land at a sidewalk cafe where we'll laze away the evening, sipping wine and sopping up every last bit of our buttery dishes.  Oh, and stealing kisses across the table, of course.

❤~❤~ Vintage Couple Lo♥e ~❤~❤, Sidewalk Cafe, Boulevard Diderot, Paris, 1969 -...

What a lovely day, don't you think? 

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