I fear-ed it was so.

So this morning was eventful.  I almost died on my elevator ride to work.  As the metal box shot 23 stories into the sky, slammed into the ceiling barrier, and then clamped the doors shut as I hung in limbo between floors, I, unlike most normal people, thought 'sweet! material for my next blog post!'

Later on, I got to thinking about fear.  I've never been afraid of elevators, or heights, or strangers.  No, my phobias are a bit more unique.  Like my fear of birds, and divorce, and boob sweat.  Or my fear of cutting my finger on aluminum cans, replying all to an email that was meant to be private, or being told I'm an awful writer. We're all afraid of something.

And it's true that fear is the best motivator.  I can imagine if I were afraid of plummeting 23 floors to my death that I would be able to claw those elevator doors open with my bare hands.  I think the best we can do is learn to play off our fears, use them to push us to our potential. 

What will fear do for you? 


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  1. fear has made me do things I never would have done otherwise, quite ironically. My biggest fear is harsh criticism of my writing.