The countdown has begun.  Fourty-five days from today, I will be lounging on a beach chaise, tropical rum punch in hand, boyfriend, good book, and good friends by my side. 

Fourty-five days seems like forever, but it also is the perfect amount of time to focus on sculpting the bikini body I picture in those beach dreams of mine.  Yesterday began lent #2, except this time I'm not sacrificing for God, I'm sacrificing for me, which ironically is a bit more difficult.  After overdosing on chocolate post-Easter, I've decided to give up sweets and junk food of all kinds, promising myself a good workout at least 4-5 days a week.  Though it's a bit of a vain project, I know it will help me think, move, and feel better.

During my project, I've quickly realized what is effective and what simply won't work.  It is essential to set a goal, lay out the exact parameters, and challenge yourself to meet the goal.  Without a conscious effort, nothing can be achieved.

It's also important to track your progress.  An analysis of how you're doing serves as great motivation to keep going.  So on that note, I've started using the Self Magazine food/workout log to track my caloric intake and burn.  I highly recommend signing up. (It's free and easy!) 

What are your springtime resolutions?

Ah, spring, what a perfect time to eat like a rabbit.

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