Intantly Gratifi-ed.

They should call us Generation IG. Everything in our world is created on an ‘instant gratification’ basis. Our phones link to Google from any where in the world so that we can instantly know the answer to the burning question: “Why is there fuzz on a kiwi?”

We don’t even have to be in the same hemisphere to do business. I’ll video chat you while we make our billion-dollar deal.

Oh, and if you’re feeling a little lonely in the love department, don’t worry. We’ll type up a quick profile and you’ll be chatting with hotties in no time. Though gratification cannot be guaranteed. Sorry.

The world’s entire global economy is centered around making things instantly accessible. There is an instant answer to all of our needs.

I’m hungry: fast food.
I’m fat: liposuction.
I need an answer: Google.
I want perfect memories: Digital cameras.
I have dirty hands: Hand Sanitizer.
I want a tan: fake tanner.
I need new music: Pandora/iTunes.
I want to watch a movie: Netflix.
I want to go on a Date: Match.com
I want friends: Facebook

Now I can’t say if this instant gratification world is a good or a bad thing because as a Generation IG’er, I’ve never really known anything else. But, what ever happened to our grandparents’ saying: “All good things are worth the wait.” If we never have to wait for anything any more, is anything really as good?

Try taking the scenic route. Let’s wait and see.

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