Tailor-ed to your Taste & Waist

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 Let's talk about food.

My dear friend over at hungry for living wrote a post per my request for some information about lactose intolerance.  She is a master ninja researcher with a special interest in healthy living, so I knew she'd do a great job. 

I am thrilled to see the increase in healthy eating, but even more excited to hear about the new trend in food awareness.  So many people don't pay attention to their own bodies, assuming that an 'upset tummy' is normal.  Food allergies are a very real issue and are extremely important to ensuring digestive health. 

Next time you eat your turkey sandwich at lunch, listen to what your body tells you after you eat it.  Does something not feel right?  Trust me, your diet should be just as tailored to your tastes as it should be to your health.

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  1. Nicely put! I was at a food festival the other day and jumped for joy when I saw a canoli truck offering gluten and dairy free options. I chatted it up with the owner and it turns out her daughter has Celiac disease. It really is so nice to see the general public is catching on to the 'issues' people have been simply dealing with for far too long.