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Living in New York made me re-examine my ideas about the amount of space a person needs to live comfortably.  As a New Yorker, apartments are often likened to shoe boxes and "holes in the wall." 

On my starter salary, I was very lucky to find a two bedroom apartment on the very west side of Midtown West that I shared with a good friend.  Our kitchen fit neatly into a 4-foot hallway, our front door opened directly into our oven, and the toilet was uncomfortably close to the refrigerator.  We lived below a herd of dancing elephants, and had a mouse visit once or twice.  And we handled it all like pros.

A few years ago, I left the city and moved across the river to Jersey.  I love my new apartment, mainly because I get to share it with the Boyfriend and it is always filled with love.

But lately,  I find myself yearning for a little less hustle and bustle and a little more peace and quiet--hence the drive out to the 'burbs last weekend.

Growing up in the roomy suburbs, I had never really thought about the amount of space that was readily available to me.  I never doubted that I was lucky, but somehow, until moving into that first NY apartment, did I realize that, at least to me, space is important.  I'm not talking about a roomy living room or a spacious kitchen (though I'd like both of those), but more so about outdoor space--the ability to step outside and take a deep breath, go for a walk without worrying about stop lights and crosswalks and pedestrian traffic.

Maybe, just like a dog needs space to run off the leash, my mind needs some room to wander.  And so until I can find some space of my own, I'll settle for a drive out west and a day hike in the woods.

I'd love to hear your perspective.  Do you ever yearn for more space?   Or do you prefer the city life?

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