Summer, List-ed.

I think you should know by now that I'm a list maker.  See here, here, and here.  I'd like to share my summer wishlist with you.  What am I missing?

1.  Eat my body weight in lobster: check!

Sammy, the lobster
2.  Take a vacation far, far away: check!

Les Calanques, France
3.  Take a hike above the clouds: check!

Le Pic de Marcelly, France
4.  Learn to swim properly: working on it.
5.  Ride a ridiculous roller coaster.
6.  Make blueberry cobbler.
7.  Read, read, read.  This book is currently making me laugh out loud!
8.  Drink rose at any chance I get.
9.  Go on a long bike ride.
10. Get back to blogging!
11. Eat more lobster... (I have no shame.)

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