"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence." -- H.L. Mencken

What an interesting thought, dear Mencken.  I considered this for a while and decided I surely agree.  Love requires the ability to look at things through a rose colored glass.  If we were only capable of seeing the hard facts, love would never be possible.  Love is not something to be analyzed, or synthesized, or measured.  Love is something to be created, enjoyed, and shared.  Though without the great intelligent thinkers of our world we would lack some of our greatest conveniences (electricity, automobiles, the concept of gravity), without the great lovers of the world we would have nothing.

In essence, I'd rather live in a fairy tale for the rest of my life than be the smartest one in reality.  Bring on the fantasy, the once upon a time, the imaginary world of beautiful, sweet, tender love.  You can take your calculus and your literary analysis and your physics.  As yet, there is no formula in chemistry that produces more happiness than love.  So keep your algebra, your rocket science, your botany, your astronomy.  I'll take the love...even if it is all a dream.

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  1. Really enjoy your relationship posts. Keep em coming :)