Tim-ed Out.

A few friends have gone through some tough stuff lately.  So, I thought I'd send out my love in the best way I know how.  My three M's, this is for all of you...


It is the only constant in life. It is the steady beating drum to which we all march. Though the rhythm is varied and the tempo ranges, we can always hear the faint drumming in the far off distance. Sometimes, the tempo picks up and time seems to pass so quickly that we often accuse it of disappearing: “where did the time go?” And in other moments of life, it marches along so slowly, we wonder if it is just standing still.

Whatever the rhythm, we all seem to take time for granted. We believe that time is our own and we may spend it however we like. But the fact of the matter is that time is not ours at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite: we belong to time.

Like a caring mother, time is patient. It helps us onto our feet and pushes us into the world with a gentle shove. But time also masquerades as a thief; it takes our loved ones, our youth, and our memories. But if time is such a vicious villain, why do we continue to ask for more? “I need more time.”

We ask for more, because we know that with each moment we are given, there is a lesson to be learned. With time comes wisdom. And if there is one thing we learn, it is that time is not such a criminal after all.

In fact, one thing that is proven over and over in history is the power of time. It is the greatest healer that exists, mending broken hearts and broken bones and broken spirits.

So perhaps time takes things from us only to teach us its value, to help us become stronger. Time is a healer, a teacher, a thief. Time is a rhythm, an age, a gift. But whatever time may present itself as, the only constant we can count on, is bittersweet time.

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