Let's start a resolution revolution.  No more of this eat healthy, work out, and learn a foreign language crap.  We all know that you won't keep at it unless it really means something to you.  And because I've never met anyone who's New Year's resolution was to fail to keep their resolutions, I'm here to help.

First, be specific.  It is not enough to resolve to "work out more in 2010."  Sorry, but you might as well pull your fat jeans to the front of the closet cuz it ain't happenin'.  You want something you can measure.  Start by defining 'more.'  Give it a mileage, a training goal, a pound decrease, anything that you'll be able to track.  And give it a timeline while you're at it.

1.  Run a half-marathon by the end of June.  If you're lucky, try the full thing by November.

Give yourself some motivation.  Another popular one: 'budget better.'  How much are we saving here? And why?

2.  Put away 10% of every pay check to save for a down payment on a condo, a vacation, a steak dinner after you complete resolution #1...

Next, make your NYR relevant...

3.  Read Le Monde instead of the NYTimes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Keep a vocab list of the words you didn't know.  Use your new vocabulary on that trip you saved for thanks to resolution #2.

Lastly, make your New Year's Resolution personal.  Only copy from your neighbor if it makes sense for you.  Sure, their list may look like the beginnings of the perfect life, but is it your perfect life?

4.  Be more thoughtful (send notes to friends when they least expect it, tell Mom you love her whenever you call, hold the door for strangers).

5.  Revise your resume by March.  Perfect timing for the beginnings of a new job search.

If I may offer one more piece of advice...write them down on a srap of paper and tuck it in your wallet.  Pull it out every month or so to keep yourself on track.

Wishing you all a happy, healty, and prosperous 2010!  I'd love to hear your NYR's.  Inspire me.

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