Soul Foo-ed.

What is it about eating outside in the elements that makes food taste so good?  This weekend, after a nice Saturday morning hike up the mountains of the Delaware Water Gap, the boyfriend and I broke for lunch.  We climbed out onto two rocks at the border of the Sunfish Pond and unwrapped our turkey sandwiches.  With each crusty bite, we alternated mmms and garbled “this is so gooooood.”

Maybe it was our primal instincts kicking in, maybe the added effort had peaked our appetites, or maybe there’s just something about the fresh air that enhances the taste of food.  But, without a doubt, that was the best dang turkey sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  And don’t even get me started on the fruit tart we gingerly carried in our backpacks and then devoured sans forks or napkins, licking our fingers and sucking up every last buttery crumb.

We trekked down the mountain with full bellies, lungs and hearts.  Sometimes all we need to feed our souls is a little fresh air, good company, and a turkey sandwich.

How was your weekend?

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