Walk-ed a mile in her shoes.

I've always wanted to be one of those fabulous New York women who goes to late night dinners and cozies up in a dark booth with her fabulous friends and a balloon goblet of wine the color of deep burgundy, laughing with big wide open mouths, and whispering secrets you'd only share with each other.  All in delicious plum suede pumps.

So, tonight I've decided to be that woman.

We've made a late reservation at Buddakan and laid out our Friday's finest.  I have every intention of taking a post-work nap, leaving myself plenty of time to shower and sip a cup of steaming cinnamon coffee while I apply my makeup and slip into my fabulous, but perfectly understated, black dress.  How blissful?!

Every once in a while we need a night where we can pretend we're everything we wish we were.  Every once in a while we need to walk a mile (or a few blocks) in someone else's shoes.  And tonight, mine just happen to be fabulous.


  1. I couldn't agree with this, or love this post anymore :)