Well Travel-ed.

A psychologist, Abraham Maslow, created the famous hierarchy of basic human needs in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation.  Essentially, he concluded that we all have needs on five different levels:
  1. Physiological
  2. Safety
  3. Love, Affection and Belongingness
  4. Esteem
  5. Self-Acutalization  
While I generally agree with his theory, I do believe he left out one very important basic need--VACATION.  Just like we must give our muscles, and our eyes, and our brain a rest, we must give our souls a rest.  There always seems to be a sort of guilt associated with doing nothing throughout the day--unless, that is, you are on vacay.  We all need an opportunity to breathe and reboot, get away from our daily routines, and take in a change of scenery...some more than others.

I happen to be one of those 'others.'  That being said, I'm off to Colorado for a much anticipated family ski trip, where I will eat, sleep, breath (#1), wear a ski helmet and abide by mountain rules (#2), spend quality time with extended family (#3), improve my ski skills (#4), and contemplate the promotion that was offered to me yesterday (#5).  See, vacation (#6) really IS a basic need!

Do you think HR would consider this a valid argument to extend my 2 weeks?

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