Wip-ed Away.

So this weekend I had my first cry in front of the boy, which is always a bit of an awkward step.  However, considering that we're almost at the 6-month mark, I feel entitled to a few tears.

And, I was actually quite impressed with myself.  It was surprisingly dignified, not messy at all, and extremely short lived.  In a moment of weakness, I started talking about my beloved Grammy who is going through a bit of a rough time these days.  Before I even realized, one crystal tear glided down over the bridge of my nose as I lay my head on his chest.  The jig was up.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he reached down with the pad of his thumb and smoothed it across my cheek.  "Tu es trop belle, ma puce."  This time, that was all it took.  I know there will be bigger speed bumps down the road, messier cries, sadder episodes.  But I have a thumb to wipe away the sadness.  And that's worth more smiles than I've ever known.


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