I'm Soul-ed.

With all the words in all the languages of this crazy world, you would think we would have enough to describe the things that happen to us on a daily basis, to explain the way we feel.  But there never seems to be enough, does there?

Being somewhat of a word nerd, I spend quite a lot of time searching for the right ones.  Recently, I was trying to explain what the most important aspect of a relationship was--that indescribable connection we feel with another human being (a lover, a friend, a sister, a mother, etc.).  What exactly makes up that connection?  Instead of using words, I found myself providing examples:
  • You laugh about something so hard you start crying, and then you suddenly realize that it's not even that funny, but in that moment, that particular moment, to you two, it is the funniest thing that has ever occurred.
  • You talk with your faces.  They know what your eyes are saying, and what that little smirk that isn't really a smile and isn't really a frown means.  And they respond, not in words, but in nose crinkles and eyebrow raises.
  • You consider them in even your smallest decisions--and don't ever consider it a sacrifice.
  • You never feel embarrassed around them because they already know you too well.  
  • You keep all of their little secrets, quirks, and idiosyncrasies tucked away in a pocket for safe keeping.  Because you know yours are safe in theirs.
It's all these little examples that create that connection.  When I thought about it hard enough, I realized the word I was looking for was soul.  The real true relationships, the ones worth preserving, are made up of soul.  Think about it, all the best things in the world are made up of it...the best music, the best cooking, the best art. 

The Beatles may have once said that 'all we need is love,' but there is no love without soul. 

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