I have always wondered if I was born in the wrong era.  Perhaps a time when chivalry was the law, or when ladies were courted and wooed would have been more appropriate for me.  I am by no means a feminist, so the standard womanly roles of cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing would have suited me just fine.  In an ideal world, my job would be to make delicious food for the people I love.

That said, perhaps this was the exact right time for me to have become a part of the world.  The entire universe has suddenly become obsessed with food.  It seems that more than half of the blogs out there are food-centric.  We now have entire television channels devoted to the art of cooking, and currently some of the biggest stars in pop culture are celebrity chefs.

Has food become the new fashion?  Eating the latest food trend--cupcakes, chocolate bacon, emulsified mushroom foam--is exactly that.  Trendy.

Last night the boyfriend and I finally tried Mario Batali's newest culinary venture, Eataly.  Trendy as always, he's created quite a revolutionary idea, incorporating a marketplace with several restaurants sectioned off by food type.  We noshed on the finest Italian cheeses and meats, while sipping on fruit-forward, light red wines.  This place is so trendy in fact, they can actually get folks (Americans, no less) to stand while they eat!

The boyfriend has learned that there is nothing sexier to me than good food and a smooth glass of wine.  Screw fashion, perhaps food has become the new sex?  Or maybe it always has been and we have finally entered an age of honesty.

Feed me, and I am yours forever.

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  1. I agree on the food! Speaking of food (and travel) blogs... :)