Hop-ed, Dream-ed, Realiz-ed.

Today, like any other day, is a day of unlimited potential.  Anything can happen if you believe it can.  Make today a day of hopes and dreams and realities.
  1. Help yourself to an extra large slice of pumpkin pie...with whipped cream.
  2. Find time to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you.
  3. Start a tradition that your children will carry on when you're gone.
  4. Relish the simple pleasures.
  5. Kiss someone until passion leaks through your lips.
  6. Trust in the possibility of the impossible.
  7. Dust off your wings and make a promise to use them when the right breeze blows through.
  8. Identify the things in your life to which you will remain loyal no matter what.
  9. Ask the universe for something you think you deserve.  Then work harder to deserve it.
  10.  Discover something magical about the world today.
pic: weheartit

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