Mov-ed In.

This past July, the boyfriend and I moved in together. We took our time making the decision and agreed that when my lease was up, we'd find a place of our own.

When we were living apart (mind you, we weren't very far from one another), I felt like I was always planning out my life at least two days ahead.  I always had to think about what my days might look like, what weather was predicted, what activities we might do, and what I'd want for lunch two days from now.  Packing a bag every other night became a ritual. 

And I hated it.

I'm definitely the first to label myself a planner, but when you are always thinking about life two or three days from now, it's very hard to just wake up one morning and throw the plan out the window and live in the present.  Now, all of the logistics of who packs a bag and planning out the week have disappeared. 

A lot of people have opinions on living together before marriage.  And I can understand that.  However, I can firmly say that it was the best thing for our relationship.  Our evenings together are more relaxed than ever, preparing dinner together has never been more fun, and coming home to him every evening is a dream.

I simply write this for those that are hesitant to move in together simply because you're not yet married.  If it feels right, it may very well be.

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