Happiness List-ed Here.

Let's start a happy list, shall we?  Please feel free to add...
  1. crossing things off a to do list
  2. red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  3. the happy freak out first moments alone after a first kiss
  4. the voice of my father on the phone
  5. running further than i thought i could
  6. anticipation
  7. a really fabulous pair of new shoes
  8. reading aloud to each other in bed
  9. the first snow
  10. finding you have things in common that you thought you'd never admit
  11. driving with the windows down and the radio up
  12. the way the bare trees look in winter from your bedroom window
  13. brunch
  14. when my mom laughs so hard she cries
  15. seeing a new text from him
  16. whispering in french
  17. really crunchy pickles
  18. looking at the photos of a night out and giggling with your girls the morning after
  19. wandering
  20. making little noises while i eat
  21. the first moments of seeing an old friend when you just want to keep asking her how she's been
  22. christmas lights
  23. twilight

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