When you're hand-ed lemons...

Anyone else abhor the saying "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade (or add some tequila and make a margarita)" or some other equally retarded version this cliche?  I can't STAND it! 

So, I'd like to take it upon myself to revise the saying.  How about this: "When life hands you lemons, get mad, and throw them back at her.  Life can be such a bitch sometimes."  Please help me in abolishing the cheesy lemonade remark from any and everyone's standard encouragement responses.  Thanks in advance for making my life just a little bit sweeter!

Ironically, things have been going pretty well lately and I have little use for this phrase.  Work's been busier than usual (hence the lack of recent posts) and the social and love lives have picked up quite a bit too.  Now, if I could only get to the gym a little more frequently...but hey, I guess life can't always be perfect, huh?

And I'd rather get fat on chocolate cake during the best of times, than thin out on a liquid lemonade diet during the worst.

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