Over Indulg-ed.

Wouldn't this just be the life?  So many pastries you'd live in permanent sugar high, dresses that hide love handles and simultaneously give your boobies a boost, shoes with pom-poms and kitten heels, a giant feather in the hair, and someone to wait on you hand and foot.  Oh, and did I mention you have power over the entire land? Yes, I do believe this would be the life.

I guess there would be minor details like no running water and a people's revolution that might be a bit of a nuisance, but then you could just say really obnoxious things and become famous for them.  I mean, what if MA had said "Let them eat pie?"  Not as chic.  You can't put pink frosting on a cherry pie, now can you?

Just in case you're confused, I'm posting this for three reasons:
  1. A girl can dream...
  2. To prove that the grass is always greener a few decades ago.
  3. I'm a wee bit hungover (oops) in cube anonymous and the combo of cake, lounge chair, and sleep seem like heaven right now.
(I know 3 is the cooler number, but reason #4 is because this movie rocks! See Marie Antoinette now.)

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