It's Friday at 4:53PM and my weekend begins in 7 minutes.  Here's what's on the playlist for the next 3 days:
  1. Pseudo-date. (No details for fear of jinxing.)
  2. Sleep in, overstuffed bed, fresh sheets.
  3. Brunch with the girls, cappuccino, gush about pseudo-date.
  4. Search for perfect fall coat, find unneeded but perfect new ring.
  5. Dinner party chez moi for out of town guests, homemade pizzas, wine, love.
  6. More sleeping in, read, pray for morning rain for excuse to stay in bed longer.
  7. Mid-morning cinnamon coffee, walk in park, stop at museum for leisurely tour.
  8. Meet Mom for dinner, show off new ring, ask for fall coat.
  9. Wait for pseudo-date to call.
  10. Bliss.

1 comment:

  1. i love 7 as well as 2. i love lists! also u+roomie-- quite the chefs...have you thought cookbook deal.......??? teheheehhehehe xo rock it!