Jealousy, admitted.

Let's just get it out there, plain and simple.  There are some people in life that you just want to be.

Literally, in the game of LIFE, if you pulled a 'swap career, salary, husband, children, family, wardrobe, smile, outlook on the world, etc.' card out of the deck, this would be the the person you'd trade everything with.

You know who I'm talking about: the sorority sister who never said a bad word about anyone.  The one who never needed to be the center of attention, made everyone smile, and chose nursing as her profession because her passion was caring for others.  The one who married the beyond handsome army liutenant before following him to the German countryside to start their life together....or, um, something like that...you get what I mean.

We all have at least one person that makes us green with envy.  And yet, we admire them so much that our jealousy is never malicious.  We'd just like to have a few of their traits, a couple of their days.

But you know what the really great thing is?  To someone else out there, we're that person too.

Keep makin' them jealous, just the way you are.

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