Google Reader-ed

Last night I had a long overdue catch up happy hour with a very dear friend.  We talked of blogs and life and dogs and vacation.  All the good stuff.  So, while we're on the topic of blogs and new years and resolutions, make it a new year's resolution to add these lovely blogs to your Google Reader immediately.  And if you don't have a Google Reader account, you obviously haven't been wasting enough of your time.

Here are three fabulous blogs I catch up on every morning over coffee:

KERF - Kath Eats Real Food is a fun way to look at eating and living wholesomely.  Follow Kath as she shares recipes, workout tips, and the ins and outs of opening a new branch of Great Harvest (amazing looking fresh breads) with her baker husband.

everyday musings - Love this girl's world.  I wish my everyday musings looked like this.  Well done, Olivia Rae.  Someone please make her s'mores brownies and send me a few Express Mail.

The Daily Garnish - A daily dose of life as a runner, vegetarian chef, wife, and dog owner.  Friends with KERF, she offers up really great veggie and vegan recipes to make even the most carnivourous eaters curious, like this yummy roasted eggplant dip.

There is plenty more where this came from.  What are your favorite blogs?  My GR could use a refresher.

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  1. Aside from my blog, of course, which is fantastic (and I just posted a new entry yesterday--getting on to my resolutions, as well!), I think you would like these two:



  2. Thanks, Katie! I've added them to my feeds. One can never have too many cooking blogs!