There are two things you can do when presented with a challenge: step up to the plate, or cower in the corner and hope the challenger doesn't smell fear.

But, see, the thing about hiding out is that you'll never know if you could actually do it.  And what if you could. actually. do it??

At least, if you try and fail, you get the credit for trying.  And, even better, if you try and succeed, well then you're pretty awesome!  So sometimes it's worth it to stick your neck out and give it a go--whether that means stepping up when your boss is out on a snow day, or taking that class on a new subject, or trying out that tough hike you always found too intimidating.

I stepped up today.  And even though I may not have been the best, I did it my way and it worked well enough.  And, my friends, it feels pretty darn good.

What challenge have you taken on lately?

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