Faith Renew-ed.

There are still good people in this world. I am sure of it. Every once in a while the universe reminds us that truth and honesty still exist. Yesterday, the universe sent me a reminder in a US Postal Service envelope. Inside: my lost wallet. Not a dime was missing.

So, I've been contemplating the best way to thank the universe. Would a note and a twenty dollar bill suffice? Or is it more appropriate to pay it forward? I couldn't decide, so I'll do both for good measure.

First thing this morning, I dropped off a thank you note at the post office: "Thank you for giving me my life back. I hope the world recognizes your good deed and and sends some love your way. And just in case the universe is a little slow, please accept this small thank you as an advance. Gratefully yours, me."

Now for the pay it forward movement. This afternoon during my lunch break, I will make a stop at the blood bank and donate as much as they'll allow. Care to join me as I send out some love into the universe? Suggestions welcome...

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  1. How wonderful! What a relief huh? And what a great decision on your part.