Perhaps the title of this post should be listed in the present tense, "recover-ing," as it seems to be a process still in progress. This weekend I had a few college friends in town and with them came excessive drinking, smoking, and other mindless acts. Mind you, I am normally a very responsible person--too much at times--so when I managed to break my phone and lose my wallet all in 24 hours, I was beside myself. (Side note: how does "beside myself" translate to mean being very upset?) Anyway, I canceled all of my cards, crossed my fingers that my identity was still in tact, bucked up and bought a new phone, and finally, took a deep breath. I am now an iPhone convert, a penniless employee (not that the $10 left in my wallet at the time would have made me much richer), and a bit of a lost soul.

I know I'm not the first or the last to experience such annoyances. And I understand that I'm probably still better off than others who have been in my position, but losing what feels like one's life--the ability to communicate, identify oneself, and/or make a purchase--makes you reconsider the way we live. Part of my recovery process has inadvertently involved an inventory check. All of the truly important things in my life were still there--family, friends, health, love, dignity, humor. Perhaps I had more than I realized. With these in my pocket, what loss would I not be able to recover from?

My identity may be lost, but I've never felt more myself.

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