Ston-ed to Death.

With the recent wave of fall weather wafting through the city, I can't help but look forward to the cooler months. Most people mourn the end of summer, but I celebrate the arrival of beautiful scarves, hot cocoa overflowing with mini-marshmallows, and the excuse to cuddle a cutie anywhere, anytime. Sure, life is not always so sweet, but a girl can hope.

Upon the arrival of late fall/early winter, I pop in my favorite movie and hit repeat. Please do not judge me for my taste in movies--I do not have a background in film, nor do I consider myself of the artsy breed by any means, so I am perfectly content with my lesser known chick flick choice, The Family Stone. I'm not quite sure what makes me love the film so much, but I will try to explain. For a more eloquent review of The Family Stone, visit this lovely LATimes review.

The movie is a story about a real family who, like all families, loves and irritates each other at the same time. The hustle and bustle of the full house always has me longing to have a litter of my own because along with the added dramas comes added love. I grew up in a small nuclear family and though I have many aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., we lived a long drive apart at best. So, I have come to live vicariously through the Stones.

Diane Keaton, who plays the matriarch, is quite possibly my favorite actress of all time for her classic look, fantastic performance, and striking resemblance to my own mother. Throughout the film, she calls it like it is, and has no qualms about making outsiders earn her love, trust, and attention. It is also important to note that her outfits are absolutely divine--to me, she is the ultimate white shirt and red lipstick lady.

And they could not have found a more beautiful home for the set! The wrap-around porch, circular drive, and snowy landscape are straight out of a dream. And the perfectly lived-in decor make me want to turn my apartment into a wallpapered hovel! The coffee pot is always on, there's always a light on in the window and voices can always be heard around the dinner table. It's home.

In the coming months, as I gear up for the holidays, I will probably watch the movie a minimum of 10 times because it just makes me feel warm and cozy inside. We all have our rituals, whether it's making the Morton family strata every Christmas morning, hanging the same ornament first every year, or watching TFS on the couch the evening of the season's first snow. These rituals remind us that no matter how many times we do something, that same good feeling still remains as strong as the last time. So, if I had my choice, I'd be Ston-ed to death.


  1. You seen How Stella Got Her Groove Back? That's my movie of the year! LOL

  2. the one thing is.....SPOILER----that the brothers and sisters switch partners isnt that a bit odd....?? thats my only qualm w the movie

  3. it is a bit odd, but such is life. i would date either brother...