• to be the ever-refined woman who looks most stunning in red lipstick and a starched white shirt.
  • to frame photos from my travels and hang them around my home to spark conversation with guests and to always keep the memory of the destination fresh.
  • to become an early riser; one who enjoys a cup of perfectly brewed coffee, the newspaper, and a beautiful view for a few moments of peace each morning.
  • to be the ultimate hostess; Sunday brunch in the garden, Winter Cocktails parties, Celebrations for Nothing in Particular, etc.
  • to make a habit of keeping a journal to record my thoughts, dreams, desires, resolutions, etc.
  • to become an excellent cook, perfecting as many dishes and committing the recipes to memory, starting with my mother's tarte aux aubergines.
  • to revisit my family roots in Kerry & Cork, Ireland.
  • to record my grandmother Eddy's story in all its marvelous, detailed glory.
  • to spend one week in perfect silence in order to discover my inner voice and learn to truly listen.
  • to learn how to meditate.
  • to learn to see myself in a way I never before knew I could; to develop a type of higher vision that is unattainable by simple reflection or obvious observation.
  • to work on my golf game ("a life skill" says Dad).
  • to have an entire wall in my home dedicated to a built-in bookshelf filled with books I love.
  • to have dinner party guests who inspire intellectual and educational conversation.
  • to have my own garden where I can grow vegetables, fruits, and vegetables to use in my dishes.
  • to find inner peace.
  • to be an inspiration to others.
  • to focus on the little things. they are the best things.

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